SUNDAY,  Jan 5
Welcome Asst.:  Brett & Jessi Stephens, Hope McPhillips
Ushers:      Dale Robertson & Korey Pressgrove
Lay Reader:  Eileen Kuhnle
Acolytes:   Bree Barrier & Cael Witt
Fin. Committee:  Carole George, Kristie Brich
Children’s Church:  Barb Robertson, Hope McPhillips
Tech Support:     Amanda Brich

SUNDAY,  Jan 12
Welcome Asst.:  Mike & Mindy Bonnet, Trevor Jensen
Ushers:    Duane Witt & Jeff Royer
Lay Reader:   Rachel Kaboré
Acolytes:   Kodie Donovan & Brennan Boden  
Fin. Committee:  Carole George, Chris & Lisa Morrison
Children’s Church:   Sherri Robertson
Tech Support:   Harrison Witt

SUNDAY,  Jan 19
Welcome Asst.:  Rod & Phyllis Reimer, Harrison Witt
Ushers:          Tanner Nelson & Brian Witt
Lay Reader:    Jeff Bloom
Acolytes:     Lindsay Wham & Evan Wham
Fin. Committee:  Carole George,  Don Witte
Children’s Church:  Attalee Brix,
Tech Support:     Harrison Witt

SUNDAY,  Jan 26
Welcome Asst.:  Gail & Janet Witt
Ushers:   Jeff Schafer & Mike Bonnet
Lector:  Gail Witt
Acolytes:  Easton Robertson & Anna Alves
Fin. Committee:  Carole George, Kristie Brich,
Children’s Church:   Jamie Boden
Tech Support:     Nancy Rodenburg

Month of January
Elder:             Jim Brix/Jim Carlson
Trustee:         To be determined
Altar Guild:   Barb Robertson/Barb Mabbitt


We will meet Sunday, January 12th, following worship service in the Fellowship Hall.


We will meet Sunday evening, January 12th at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall to plan 2020 fellowship events. Please bring a snack to share. Everyone is welcome!


In the event Tri Center School closes or closes early due to weather conditions, all activities at St. John’s Honey Creek are cancelled.


If you would like to continue to receive, or start to receive, Lutheran Witness and/or Portals of Prayer mailed directly to your home, there are sign up sheets on the bulletin board in the hall of the Narthex or let the Church office know.  Last day to sign up is Sunday, February 16th.

125th Anniversary History Booklets and Ornaments

There are still anniversary ornaments and history booklets left if anyone is interested.  Ornaments are $5 and booklets are a free-will donation.  See Eileen Morriss, Nancy Rodenburg or Jennifer Vaughn.

St. John’s Cookbook

We still have some St. John’s Cookbooks left.  The cost is $10 per book.  Please talk to Shiree Jensen or Alice Goodell to get your copy.

RightNow Media!

Our church now has access to an extensive, new video library called RightNow Media  that has a HUGE library of faith-based video Bible studies that you can access whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.  RightNow Media has videos for everyone—kids, youth, parents, married couples, college students, single adults, working professionals—all aimed at helping you grow in your faith.  If you have not signed up yet, please do so.  Did we mention that it is free?   If you deleted your invitation, let Eileen know and she will send you another invite.

If you have found a video course you like and would like to recommend it to others, let Pastor know.